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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

University Services and Resources

Henry A. Hunt Memorial Library

Frank Mahitab - Director of Library Services
478-825-6753 /Fax 478-825-6663
Homepage:  www.fvsu.edu/huntlibrary

Hours of Operation:                                                                            

Monday-Thursday    08:00AM  - 10:00PM 
Friday                     08:00AM  - 05:00PM 
Saturday                10:00AM  -  04:00PM
Sunday                   04:00PM  - 10:00PM

Total hours of accessibility to resources per day (via technology) …………….24hrs

Total hours of library operation per day (excluding 24/7 lab hours) ……… 14hrs

Total hours of library operation per week (excluding 24/7 lab hours) ……….77hrs

Total hours of Computer Lab operation………………………………………… 24hrs/7days

Technology has radically transformed the higher education landscape.  The way students learn is fundamentally changing.  To meet these expectation, at Hunt Memorial Library we go beyond stacks of books.  We are a library evolved and relevant in the digital age.

Henry Alexander Hunt Memorial Library is the main library and information service building on campus.  The library is named in honor of fort Valley Normal and Industrials school’s second Principal Mr. Henry A. Hunt, Sr.

Hunt Library continues to stimulate learning and research by providing resources and services centered on the needs of our student and faculty users.  Moreover, the mission of Hunt Library is to support the curricula of each academic disciple in regard to print and e-resources.

The library is a digital library and uses technology to enhance information research, literacy and learning.  With access and engagement, Hunt Library seeks to advance the cause of education and meet the mission of the Fort Valley State University.

Information Literacy. Through its Information Literacy sessions, librarians, in collaboration with the instructor, conduct classes in the use of databases, reference resources and how to look up information and get started with research.

Virtual Library.  As a member of the University System of Georgia, faculty and students have access to the library collections of all 26 institutions in the state by way of Gil Express, a document delivery service.  Through collaboration and resource sharing, Hunt Library participates in the GALILEO project, a worldwide web-based virtual library consortium in the University System of Georgia- that provides access to multiple information resources, including access to over 250 databases, indexing thousands of periodicals and scholarly journals.

Document Delivery Services. Two types of Document Delivery Services (DDS) are in place at the library, wherein copies of journal articles and books and book chapters may be requested from other libraries. These two services are GIL Express and Interlibrary Loan (ILL). For most campus users in the University System of Georgia, this is a free service.

Distance Education. Teaching and Learning are important to student’s successful matriculation at Fort Valley State University. Therefore, library instruction in the use of the library and its resources are central to the services provided through the Public Services area of Hunt Library. Librarians work with students on all floors of the building and at the reference desk, not to mention social media networks, phone and the one-on-one reference interviews to help them find, locate and interpret information.

Computer Lab Accessibility provided by the Office of Information Technology and housed in the library, is for student use only, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Collaborative Learning. The library is a hub of collaboration with open work areas, large tables, casual seating an

d ample private space for meetings and engagement. In a digital world, the library adopts the latest in tech learning tools, and provides students with constant connectivity, mobility and access to the ever-expanding media environment. All study rooms and quiet study areas and are located on the second floor of the building.

Charging Stations. At Hunt Library, students can juice-up mobile devices. As more and more students bring devices to campus, the challenge for them is not to run out of power. Running out of battery power these days means running out of paper. Charged mobile devices help students to stay connected with the university and with one another.

University Archives and Special Collection. The University archives and Homie Regulus special collections Heritage Room is located in the library on the second floor. The University Archives houses historical documents of the Fort Valley State University and the local community.

Hunt Library at Warner Robins supports the Graduate Studies program at Fort Valley State University. Collection holdings are representative of 830 books and 10 selected journal titles.

FVSU Warner Robins Center

151 Osigian Boulevard | Warner Robins, Georgia 31088

Dr. Nirmal Joshee

Interim Dean for Graduate Studies

The Fort Valley State University at Warner Robins Center offers two especially important services:

  1. Graduate Studies and Classes, and
  2. Foster a strong Foundation for Community Engagement – Community members could rent ball rooms for parties and professional meetings. Book your events with FVSU Warner Robin Center and our event management experts will be available to assist you.

     1.  Graduate Studies and Classes

Welcome to a world of possibilities!!! At FVSU students are encouraged to work closely with brilliant faculty, engage in a field that they are passionate about and begin shaping the academic journey they have always envisioned. In addition, students would be given the opportunity to explore more that a dozen graduate degrees and programs offered by Fort Valley State University

The Fort Valley State University (FVSU) Warner Robins Center Office is a unit of the Division of Graduate Studies. The graduate studies office functions are to assist graduate students to follow their academic programs of study and graduate in a timely manner. The graduate studies office also provides support and professional advisement to adult students who contact the Warner Robins Center to seek admission.

Going to graduate school at FVSU will prepare you to be at the top of your field. Students will benefit from our faculty that are respected by academia and industry alike. They are the ones developing breakthroughs and advancing new knowledge. This knowledge lets you be at the forefront of your profession. FVSU also helps you find jobs. As your career progresses, your faculty mentors will keep you connected to new opportunities through our alumni networks. In addition, students will receive the education, skills, and connections to serve your community and make this world a better place. Enjoy flexible schedules and small class sizes with our expert instructors or take online classes that fit your busy lifestyle.

The Division of Graduate Studies offers graduate and professional degrees in over a dozen areas of study, ranging from the Master of Science in Animal Sciences, MS in Biotechnology, Master of Public Health (MPH), various Master of Science in Education (M.Ed.), Master of Social Work (MSW), to specialist degrees. More than half of our graduate programs are organized as interdisciplinary graduate groups, giving students and faculty alike the freedom to explore interests across disciplines, engage in various areas of research, and reach new heights of knowledge.

Students and faculty in our Animal Science, Biotechnology and Public health graduate programs use chemistry to solve important societal problems. Students gain advanced knowledge of analytical, organic, physical, inorganic, or biological chemistry, as well as the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for professional research and teaching in pesticide and toxicant chemistry, food/meat/dairy chemistry, fiber and polymer chemistry, and enzymatic reactions and fermentation chemistry.

List of Graduate Degree Programs



Department Contact Person

Minimum GPA


Required Tests Score




Animal Science



Dr. Terrill Thomas





https://www.fvsu.edu/about-fort-valley-state-university/ academics/graduate-programs -extended-education /biotechnology-master-science -degree/


Dr. Singh Hari




Public Health

https://www.fvsu.edu/about-fort-valley-state-university /academics/graduate-programs -extended-education/master-of-public-health-environmental -health/


Dr. Oreta Samples




Elementary Education/Special Education



Dr. Rebecca McMullen




Middle Grades Education



Dr. Rebecca McMullen




School Counselor Education 



Dr. James Newton




Clinical Mental Health Counseling



Dr. Anissa Howard




Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling



Dr. Everett Otha




School Counselor Education Specialist


Ed. S

Dr. James Newton




Social Work


Dr. Murty Komanduri




  •  IELTS: International English Language Testing System – Students whose native language is not English will be required to fulfill regular admissions requirements and score at least 600 on TOEFL

The Master of Public Health (MPH) graduate program includes instruction in epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental and occupational health, health services and administration, and social and behavioral science, and they prepare students for an expanding range of professional opportunities and roles in public health and medicine. The Master of Public Health Program is designed for people interested in disease prevention and community health. Our graduates go on to careers in academia, state and federal government, industry, consulting, and more. MPH students will benefit not only from high quality academic training, but also from opportunities to engage in innovative public health research and public health practice in community settings Below, you will find degrees offered by the Graduate Studies.

The graduate degree in education offers a combined program to earn a teaching credential and a Master of Science in the discipline. The program prepares elementary and middle grade teachers and is designed to immerse students in the total environment of the classroom, provide a theoretical-practical approach to the teaching-learning process, and encourage close interaction between faculty and students. The elementary education program prepares students in all subjects commonly taught in an elementary classroom. The middle grade education program prepares teachers for the grades 6-8 classroom in the following areas: English, Physical and Life Sciences, Math, and Social Sciences. The education degree programs uniquely position graduates to manage the complexities of educational organizations, affect school change, and shape the educational policies that bear on the practice of the diverse educational settings in our region.

Further, the new fully synchronous online and face-to-face Master of Social Work (MSW) online Master of Social Work at Fort State University will prepare you to collaborate with individuals, families, communities and in the world at large. Students in the MSW will learn to promote social justice and find practical solutions to social problems and pressing issues facing the most vulnerable in our society. The MSW program also explores a variety of social concerns that can affect individuals and families. Key focus areas include mental health, addiction, behavioral health, community practice, policy practice and innovative services for children, youth, and families.

In addition, you will develop lifelong bonds with faculty who are among the most experienced in their fields, will become your mentors and invite you into their own network of professional peers. We encourage interested applicants to review our web page carefully and consider selecting a graduate program where you could become an important part of our community of learners. Finally, the faculty and staff of FVSU are confident that you will thrive at our institution, the new sustainable development university of the 21st century. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

    2.  Hold your events at FVSU Warner Robin Center
The Fort Valley State University, Warner Robins Center is the ideal place to host professional events, social gatherings, and generational celebrations that frame life’s cherished moments. The Warner Robins Center has multi-use facility or halls that premiere flexibility to host a multitude of different events, in the evenings during the week and on daytime on weekends. Furthermore, the FVSU Warner Robins Center’s facility is noticeably big and good to host events such as:

* Award Ceremony

* Corporate Events
* Charity Events
* Events & Banquets
* Private Social Events
* Holiday and Birthday Parties

* Weddings and Receptions
*Anything event your mind can imagine!

The Warner Robins Center is in the heart of a thriving hotels and business district just off Watson Boulevard in Warner Robins, Georgia.


Ms. Appling, Michelle

Graduate Admission Counselor

Troup Building - Suite 319

1005 State University Drive

Fort Valley, Georgia 31030

Email: Michelle.Appling@fvsu.edu

Tel: 478-822-7594 officeEmail:  graduatestudies@fvsu.edu

Office of University Events

478/825-6478 Fax 825-6599 Email:  events@fvsu.edu 

The Office of University Events Management(UEM) serves as the centralized event coordinating and venue scheduling office for Fort Valley State University.  UEM advises campus departments on protocol and event planning to ensure consistency and promote high quality in the production and management of university events. Through the division of Special Events, UEM plans and executes university-wide celebrations and events, such as Homecoming, Commencement, dedications of buildings, groundbreaking ceremonies, and faculty and staff recognition events, for the Office of the President, University Advancement, and university leadership. These events support the university’s mission through the engagement of internal and external audiences.

Information Technology

Dr. Ndidi Akuta, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
118 CTM Building

The Office of Information Technology provides technological support and leadership by assisting the University in realizing its academic mission and research goals. This support includes, but is not limited to, assisting with distance education, administrative applications, wired and wireless network maintenance and access, e-mail, hardware installation and maintenance, software installation and maintenance, training, website management and exploring and implementing new technologies. OIT is responsible for maintaining and upgrading classroom technology throughout the campus.

OIT has relocated the Helpdesk to the Third Floor of the Hunt Memorial Library to better serve our students, faculty, and staff. The Helpdesk is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm in the Fall and Spring Semesters. University users can stop by, call, or email the Helpdesk with questions or issues they may have.

Contact the FVSU Helpdesk by email at ithelpdesk@fvsu.edu or by phone 478-825-6228.

OIT maintains one open lab for student use. The Hunt Library contains an open lab that is available to students 24 hours a day. Students can access this lab using their Wildcat ID after hours and on weekends. 

In support of academic programs and to facilitate student access to computing technologies and facilities, more than 30 computing centers are located throughout the campus. Computing centers can be found in the following buildings and departments:, Horace Mann Bond, Computer Technology and Mathematics, Hubbard Education, Hunt Memorial Library, Agricultural Engineering, Miller Science, Chemistry, Founders Hall, Alva Tabor, Myers Hall, Veterinary Technology, Stallworth, Bywaters, and the Warner Robins site. 

Online Learning 

Dr. Darryl Hancock, Director
329/331 Hunt Library 

The Department of Online Learning includes management of the FVSU online offerings, instructional design services, and support for students who are taking classes via the learning management system.

Online Degree Programs

Through the offering of fully online degrees, Fort Valley State University provides quality programs to students independent of their geographic locations. Students who are unable to attend college because of family, work, and other responsibilities are able to pursue a college degree via the Internet. Online courses are facilitated using Brightspace by D2L (see Online Education for additional information).

FVSU’s online courses are designed for the highly motivated and independent student who is willing to devote as much time and effort to online learning as to traditional classroom offerings. Students should be comfortable using technology and have time management and organizational skills. As a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement, Fort Valley State University is authorized to offer online courses and degree programs throughout the United States.

Fully Online Programs - Undergraduate:

• B.S. – Business Accounting

• B.S. – Business Management

• B.S. – Business Marketing

• B.S. – Business Supply Chain and Logistics Management

• B.A. - Criminal Justice

• B.A. - Organizational Leadership (eMajor)

• B.A. - Political Science

• B.A. - Psychology

Fully Online Programs - Graduate:

• M.S. – Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling

• M.S.Ed – School Counselor Education

• Ed.S. – School Counselor Education

For additional information on Online Learning email us at online@fvsu.edu

Career Services Center

Barcado Styles, Assistant Director
101 Peabody Building
478-825-6347 Fax 825-6471

The Office of Career and Professional Development is a vital component of the Center for Student Engagement. The Center for Student Engagement (CSE) utilizes an integrated theoretical approach to service, leadership and career development by offering purposeful opportunities and resources that complement the academic experience. Our office is dedicated to helping students develop both in and out of the classroom through programs and activities that advance student learning and prepares students for success in the global community.

With a focus on civic engagement, leadership and career development we connect the university and the community to provide curricular and co-curricular opportunities for our students.

The Office of Career and Professional Development advances academic and experiential learning through comprehensive services that inform the career development process of assessing, discovering, planning, and exploring careers.  These services include but are not limited to creating a career plan, developing a professional resume, building an electronic career profile, participating in internships, and attending professional development sessions.  All comprehensive services follow standards defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and Leadership, Engagement, Achievement, Professionalism (LEAP), with an emphasis on proficiency in soft skills development.

The Career Resource Library is available to help students. This includes current resources and materials on career decision-making, occupational outlook, graduate and professional school material, school system literature, and information on companies, agencies, and corporations are available.  LinkedIn, O*NET Online, The Occupational Outlook Handbook, and Georgia Career Information System (GCIS) are utilized to develop career profiles and to explore and research career data.

Comprehensive services offered by the Office of Career and Professional Development are designed to:

  • develop self-knowledge related to career choice and work performance by identifying, assessing, and understanding their competencies, interests, values, and personal characteristics.
  • obtain educational and occupational information to aid their career and educational planning and developing their understanding of the world of work.
  • select personally suitable academic programs and experiential opportunities that optimize future educational and employment options.
  • take responsibility for developing career decisions, graduate/professional school plans, employment plans, and/or job-search competencies.
  • gain experience through student activities, community service, student employment, research projects, cooperative education, internships, and other opportunities.
  • prepare to manage their careers after graduation.
  • link with alumni, employers, professional organizations, and others who will provide opportunities to develop professional interests and competencies, integrate academic learning with work, and explore future career possibilities.

Access and Accommodations

Trelaine Jackson, Coordinator
Peabody Hall Room 125


The Office of Access and Accommodations seeks to enhance student engagement in the learning process, encourages higher levels of academic performance, furthers critical thinking skills, and promotes student self-authorship in the classroom. Additionally, the mission of this office is to increase retention and graduation rates for students with documented learning disabilities. This is done by providing students with disabilities the tools, reasonable accommodations, and support services to participate in the academic environment.  Also, while ensuring equitable treatment, we ensure access to all academic programs and facilities at Fort Valley State University.  The office serves as an agent for compliance with federal and state laws that mandate equal opportunity for persons with documented learning disabilities. 

Furthermore, the Office of Access and Accommodations promotes an accessible and culturally sensitive campus through outreach and by building partnerships with the university community and beyond. All services provided by the Office of Access and Accommodations are provided in accordance with Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act which define a person with a disability as one with a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities (walking, seeing, speaking, hearing, breathing, working, learning and others). The person must have a record of such impairment or be regarded as having such impairment.  Please note, documentation must be current within the last three years. All students must present records that document their learning disability to the Office of Access and Accommodations. 

Examples of learning disorders are:

  • Brain Injury
  • Chronic Illness
  • Motor Coordination
  • Multiple Disorders
  • Mobility Impairments
  • Depression
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Epileptic Seizures
  • Attention, Deficit, Hyperactivity
  • Disorder Multiple Sclerosis

Services provided for students with documented learning disorders and physical impairments include:

  • Registration Assistance
  • Computer Resources
  • Orientation Services
  • Assistive Technology
  • Academic Accommodations
  • Tutoring
  • Advocacy
  • Individual Counseling
  • Self-empowerment advisement
  • Appropriate Referrals

Campus Police and Safety

Chief Antonio L. Fletcher, Director of Campus Police & Security
Bywaters Building – Ground Floor

The Fort Valley State University Campus & Safety Police Department is a University System Police Department with State Certified Police Officers. We are committed to safeguarding the lives and property as well as improving campus safety in a manner that is fair, impartial, transparent and consistent.   

We are dedicated to serve with understanding, professional high standards and integrity as we perform our daily duties. We will provide professional customer service and priority in community policing to faculty, staff and student. 

This is accomplished through education and training, monitoring video surveillance, fire drills, emergency preparedness planning, safety seminars, and  vehicle/foot patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the entire year.

The Department is responsible for enforcing the University’s policies on parking, alcohol/drugs, and sexual misconduct, in addition to enforcing local, state and federal criminal statutes.

The Department is operated and staffed with a Chief of Police, Police Major, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Peace Officers, a Criminal Investigator, Communications Officers and an Office Manager.

The University Bookstore

Marisa Boyd, Campus Store Manager
Student Amenities Center
eMail:  0605mgr@follett.com

The University Bookstore is located in the Student Amenities Center (SAC). Available items include course materials comprised of new, used, rental and digital textbooks, digital devices, and supplemental study materials. In addition to school paraphernalia, school supplies, gifts, and snacks. Acceptable forms of payment are No Cash, checks, and debit and credit cards.

Hours of operation are:
Monday – Thursday 9:00 a.m.– 5:00 PM & Friday 9:00a.m -3:00p.m.
Saturday and Sunday Closed; except for special occasions.

For additional details visit the bookstore online at http://www.fvsushop.com 

Student Health, Wellness, Counseling and Outreach Services

Student Health, Wellness, Counseling, and Outreach Services are co-located in the Florence J. Hunt Wellness Center, opposite the main entrance of the Troup Administration Building.  Student health, Wellness and Counseling services are provided through a partnership with Atrium Health Navicent and licensed professional counselors.  Student Health and Counseling Services both provide consistent, high-quality primary health care to Fort Valley State University students that promote good physical and mental health to support student success and progression towards graduation.

Student Health, Wellness, and Counseling Services provides a range of amenities from prevention-focused education to acute and primary medical care. Services include:

  • Assessment and treatment of common illnesses and injuries 
  • Point of care testing for common illnesses/conditions (flu, strep, Covid-19)
  • Sexual Health including education, STI testing and treatment and pregnancy testing
  • Chronic condition management and monitoring
  • Basic on-site labortory services
  • On-site pharmacy dispensing for common low-cost acute care medications
  • Health care navigation to appropriate off-site care and additional on-campus services when needed
  • Post-visit call-backs to assess progress
  • Virtual-care and virtual speciality consults when appropriate
  • Integrated Behavioral Health counseling
  • Integrated Athletic training (Additional Cost)
  • Behavioral Health Coaching and Mental Health First Aid Services can be added/explored to assess need.
  • Outreach Services

Outreach Services incorporate prevention services designed to eliminate the onset of mental and physical instabilities associated with various mental health crises. Through the utilization of its Peer Educator Program (PEP) – modeled through National peer to peer training modules, PEP empowers leaders from the student body, faculty, staff, and representatives from the community-based organization (CBO partners) to facilitate prevention activities addressing psychological issues, while incorporating best practices and guidance into on and off-campus programming.

Hours of Operation:

  • 9:00 am to 5:30 pm - Monday through Friday (School Year)

For medical health services, students can reach out to staff at 478-827-3262 or at Wellness@fvsu.edu.  The Office Counseling Services may be contacted at (478) 825 - 6278 or via email at counselingcenter@fvsu.edu.  

The Office of Outreach Services may be contacted at lindseya@fvsu.edu or 478-822-1036.

Military Resource Center

Jacquetta Green, VA School Certifying Official/Records Specialist
Troup Administration Building, Suite 102
478-822-1020 Fax 478-825-6155

The Military Resource Center (MRC) functions to assist and provide support for active military, veterans, National Guard, Reserves and dependents. The School Certifying Official (SCO) is responsible for Certifying Enrollment of VA students to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, overseeing the MRC and the Student Veteran Lounge. For assistance, contact the SCO at va@fvsu.edu.