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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog


Chief Administrative Officers and Offices of Special Interest to Prospective Students

Paul Jones, Ph.D., President (478) 825-6315
Olufunke Fontenot, Ed.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (478) 825-6330
Emma Bennett-Williams, Esq., Chief of Staff (478) 825-6374
Karen Wright, Vice President for Advancement (478) 827-3677
Michelle Martin, Vice President for Business and Finance
(478) 825-6436
Timothy L Hatchett, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (478) 825-6291
Govind Kannan, Ph.D., Vice President of Economic Development and Land Grant Affairs (478) 825-6802
Isaac J. Crumbly, Associate Vice President for Careers and Collaborate Programs & Director of CDEP (478) 825-6243
Keith Howard, Ph.D., Dean, College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology  
Fares Howari, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (478) 825-6738
Beth Day-Hairston, Ph.D., Dean, College of Education and Professional Studies (478) 825-6365
William Thomas, Executive Director of Admissions and Recruitment (478) 825-6227
Shareé J. Lawrence, Registrar (478) 825-6282
Heidi Pinney, Regional Executive Director, Financial Aid (478) 825-6363
Heidi Gregg, Coordinator of Testing Services (478) 825-6384
Barcado Styles, Director,  Civic Engagement and Career Development (478) 825-6347
Ndidi Akuta, Chief Information Officer (478) 825-6228
Frank Mahitab, Director, Hunt Library (478) 825-6573
Darryl J Hancock, Director, Online Learning (478) 827-3857

The Graduate Council

The Graduate Council shall develop and implement standing and ad hoc task forces to assist officers in carrying out their responsibilities. The committees shall be composed of members of the Graduate Council. Student members must be included on student grievance committees and issues groups that deal directly with student academic matters. Ad hoc task forces can be composed of non-Graduate Council members (up to 50%) because of the specific (and perhaps technical) job at hand. The Graduate Council Chairperson shall appoint committees and ad hoc task forces and their respective chairs in consultation with the Council. Committees and task forces shall cease to exist when the job is recognized as having been completed, or the Council terminates the assignment.

Dr. Beth Day-Hairston, Dean, College of Education and Professional Studies
Dr. Fares Howari, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Keith Howard, Dean, College of Agriculture, Family Sciences & Technology,
Mr. Frank Mahitab, Director, Hunt Memorial Library
Mrs. Sharee Lawrence, Registrar
Dr. Anissa Howard, Coordinator, Clinical Mental Health Counseling; 
Dr. Otha Everette, Coordinator, Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling 
, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Case Management Representative
Dr. Saul Mofya, Head, Veterinary Technology and Public Health
Dr. Oreta Samples, Coordinator, Environmental Health
, Environmental Health Representative
, Coordinator, Biotechnology Dr. Bipul Biswas, Biotechnology Representative
Dr. Hari Singh, Department Head, Agricultural Sciences
Dr. Thomas Terrill, Coordinator, Animal Science
Vacant, Coordinator, Middle Grades Education, Coordinator & Elementary Education/Special Education
Vacant, Elementary Education/Special Education Representative
Vacant, Middle Grades Education Representative
Dr. James Newton, Coordinator, School Counselor Education
Vacant , School Counselor Education Representative
Vacant, College of Agriculture, Family Sciences & Technology
, College of Arts and Sciences
, College of Education and Professional Studies