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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Plant Science, Horticulture Option, B.S.

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Dr. Sarwan Dhir, Program Coordinator
113 Alva Tabor Building


The Plant Science curriculum prepares students for professional career opportunities in fields related to biotechnology, environmental soil sciences, and horticulture. Areas of concentration in the curriculum include environmental soil science, horticulture (vegetables) and biotechnology. Students selecting either option will take courses in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, genetics, physics, botany and related sciences. Courses in genetic engineering, techniques in molecular biology and biotechnology are included in the plant biotechnology curriculum and can serve as electives in each of the other areas of concentration. The program options and course electives allow students to tailor course work to their individual needs in specific areas of biotechnology, and environmental quality and protection. These areas of concentration prepare students for employment opportunities not only with public agencies, such as the Natural Resources Conservation Services, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Cooperative Extension Service/Programs, but also with private industry involved in biotechnology, environmental consulting firms, universities and colleges.

Students selecting the horticulture option utilize a cross-disciplinary approach to the production of horticultural crops, which is studied in the context of the entire ecological system. Core courses also provide students with the basic knowledge required to specialize in ornamental horticulture. A student in horticulture may enter fields including marketing and post-harvest handling of vegetables, fruits, flowers or ornamental plants. The graduate may become a salesperson and/or technical advisor with a commercial firm, a greenhouse manager, a teacher in high school or technical school or an agricultural extension agent or work with other public agencies. The curriculum in Plant Science also prepares students for entrance into a graduate program. Courses offered by the department are designated HORT, PSCI and SSCI.

Program of Study for the B. S. Degree in Agriculture
Total Number of Degree Hours: 123

Freshman Year

15 Credit Hours

Spring Semester

15 Credit Hours

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Fall Semester

13 Credit Hours

Spring Semester

17 Credit Hours


1MILS sequence may be substituted
2Electives will be taken from the following courses: HORT 2813 , HORT 3803 , HORT 3843, HORT 3852, HORT 4823 .

A. Core Requirements

Area A: Essential Skills: 9 Credit Hours

Area B: Institutional Options: 4 Credit Hours

Area C: Humanities/Fine Arts: 6 Credit Hours

One of the following:

Area D: Science, Math and Technology: 10 Credit Hours

(A science course with a lab is required.)

  • CHEM 1112 - General Chemistry Credit Hours: 4
  • BIOL 1210 - General Biology I Credit Hours: 4
  • Credit Hours: 3

B. Major Requirements

Area F: Courses Related to the Program of Study: 18 Credit Hours

Area G: Major Courses: 60 Credit Hours

II. Electives: 7 Credit Hours

C. Institutional Requirements: 3 Credit Hours

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